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December 24, 2011

DIY | gift box

I was having a conversation with a good friend earlier this week on the topic of gift giving.  I have always been the sort of person that valued the thought and creativity in the packaging of a gift sometimes more than the item itself.  So, when I have the time to make and share something with someone, I tend to put a lot of time and thought into the packaging as I believe that  any gift  worth remembering are the ones that make an impression.  In this DIY I would like to share with you a gift box and DIY hardware bracelet I made for a former flatmate who will be receiving this tomorrow, just in time for Christmas. 

hot glue gun, spray paint, thin gauge wire, dried leaves,  synthetic moss, plexiglass box, scissors 
1.  drill two holes  that are 5.08cm (1/2") distance from the center on two sides. 
2.  spray paint the top of the plexiglass lid.
3.  Cut 10cm (4") of wire and string through the hole to create a loop for the underside of the lid.
4.  cut off the first 2cm of the stem from the leaves (creates more surface area for the glue to adhere to the lid) glue leaves to the lid.
5.  put a generous amount of the synthetic moss on the bottom of the plexiglass container.  
6.  clip your gift to the wire loop inside the lid.
 -If you do not have a drill handy you can bypass that completely.   
Also, if you are wondering why in the gif the two images look different that is because I made two gift boxes one using a clear plexiglass the other with a frosted plexi also the synthetic moss is of two different colours.


  1. This is amazing, Mamas.
    Your flatmate will love it; such a creative idea.

  2. I hope so.
    I am just dying to post what I have sent to you here ....but I will wait until you get it!
    A million years from now... DAMN IT!

  3. :)
    Merry Christmas, Mamas.
    I hope you've had a lovely day x

  4. Thanks lady... I hope you are having a great day as well.

  5. truly amazed by your gif, the pictures are lined perfectly, and the animation adds a life to the creative nature of the packaging that multiple images on the page wouldn't be able to accomplish...inspiring :)

  6. Great post, I wish I read this before I wrapped all my gifts. Very creative!

    Daniella x

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  8. This is so creative! Definalty following!

  9. Wow, really amazing, love the contrast between hardware and gentle leaves+moss...

    you're so creative >> definitely a blog to follow

  10. This is quite cool :)

  11. What a cute idea- I love it!

  12. love this idea, super creative!!! I'm so rubbish at packaging gifts, but people really apppreciate it as its so thoughtful.

  13. How AHHmazingly creative and thoughtful! I'm going to try this! I tried to make a hardware bracelet a few months back and failed and became lazy so didn't try again. You have re-inspired me!