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May 6, 2012

DIY | chalkboard coffee table

Meet Ryan.  He likes to draw (a lot).
Last weekend I made the suggestion that he modify his coffee table into a drawing surface with chalkboard paint.  Earlier this week he did just that and it turned out fantastic.

What you need to create this DIY of your own are Chalkboard Paint, and a surface of your choosing.   Chalkboard paint can be found at any hardware, craft, or paint store.  Make sure the surface is clean before applying the paint.  If you are painting a wall or just a small area of any surface use painters tape to maintain a clean line.  Apply two coats in a well ventilated area and allow to dry.

I recently learned about Dry Erase Board Paint so I will definitely be creating drawing surfaces with these two paints for my place soon.


  1. I saw this on your instagram and fell in love!!
    If I had a table I would do this to it for sure!!! xx

    1. Thanks.

      Well any surface will do. If you have coffee cups you could tape 2/3 of it off and paint the bottom portion where you can write your name of draw on it. Works well if you live with a lot people and want to keep track of your things. Or maybe a piece of wood...really anything will do.

      I hope you find something that works for you. I would love to see what you create from it.

  2. wow a chalkboard coffee table looks so much fun :)

  3. this is an awesome idea. I’ll be moving soon, will have to try this at my new place.

  4. youre an awesome Friend thats an epic idea! I always think about doing a wall but this my dear is quite ingenious!


  5. I've never heard of dry erase board paint amazing. The chalk board turned out great!
    P.S. Love your hair lady!

  6. you have a wonderful blog. please visit also mine and tell me what you think <3

  7. this is great. i have to do this diy, like...right now.

  8. What an awesome idea!

    xo Jennifer