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April 21, 2012

DIY | asymmetrical zipper skirt

"The pulpit decried, 'The Hookless Fastener' as 'the Devils fingers.' [because it made it easier] to remove clothing with autonomy" Fashion historian Ronald Knoth.

Thanks to Gideon Sunbacks' invention the "Hookless No.2 " gave birth to one of my favorite structural device.  Gideon would of been 132yrs young Monday of this week, today I honor his foresight and my two favorite DIY thus far this year.  It  is funny how something so mundane as a zipper [today] stirred up so much backlash during its inception.  I personally am glad that the days of corsets, boning, hooks, and clasps are over what torture clothing was for women before zippers.


  1. i seriously love this skirt and blazer DIY! the transformation = amaze!!!

    how did you do it? post idea? loool

  2. Love your blog, just started following!, you have some great diy's.